A Guide to Booking with a Vacation Rental Company

Experience Care-Free High Country Escapes.

As the summer holidays approach, we know that you'll be looking for an ideal vacation rental at the best possible price. That usually means browsing web-sites and renting directly from property owners or renting through vacation rental management companies like ours.  However, renting directly from the property owner often comes with a catch, and that catch is service!

It has been our experience that cleanliness and maintenance standards can be more consistent with a vacation rental management company.  We are keenly aware of our reputation and it's in our best interest to ensure your stay is time and money well spent.

It can be difficult for property owners to be objective about the condition or suitability of their property for your group or family, as they are emotionally attached.  At High Country Properties we set measurable standards of maintenance and cleanliness and are not biased to one property or another. Our only concern is making sure we find you the right place for your needs, whether it's a lake view condo, or luxury home.  Should you be dissatisfied with your vacation rental for its décor, location, or other issues, we will find a property that better fits your needs. 

In comparison, if you rent from directly through an owner and are unhappy with the property, you really have no choice but to stick it out...or phone us. Chances are they don't live close enough to regularly monitor the property for cleanliness and maintenance. If an issue were to arise during your stay, it could take days to get resolved.  However, if you rent through High Country Properties and need the BBQ propane tank filled, a light bulb changed, or stove element replaced, we'll send help immediately. We provide 24/7 assistance to ensure comfort, safety, and overall satisfaction with your rental. Yes, we will answer the phone at 3:15AM to help you.

As the consumer, your time and money is far too important to waste. When all is said and done, the overall quality and assurance that vacation rental management company's guarantee is invaluable to the enjoyment of your vacation.

Stick with a professionally managed vacation rental company for your summer vacation, you and your family will be happy you did.

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